I'm a London based Graphic Designer & Art Director with 12 years of experience, doing branding, print, digital & motion.

I understand and practise design as a way to communicate stories. I do believe that solid concepts create successful messages, a motto that I have applied in all the projects I have been involved in.

The experience acquired working in design studios, advertising & broadcasting agencies and TV channels provided me with a good understanding of branding and a keen eye to indentify communication needs.
I've got an eclectic background that allows me to give the global approach that I believe every project deserves. Embracing the creative process from a global perspective regardless of the discipline is what I consider that brings richer results.

I like to explore the boundaries within disciplines, with a special interest on all visual arts, TV branding, interior & set design, video art & mapping, experimental packaging, sculpture and fashion among others.

Feel free to get in touch with me, I love to hear & discuss interesting projects!